Man Living at My House Episode 12 (우리집에 사는 남자)

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Starring Park Soo Ae and Kim Young Kwang
Park Soo Ae (A Thousand Days’ Promise) and Kim Young Kwang (Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, Go Ho’s Starry Night) star in a romantic comedy about a woman who finds herself in the world’s weirdest family reunion. Hong Na Ri (Park Soo Ae) is a flight attendant whose mother passed away three years ago, and who has no other immediate family to speak of. When she visits her mother’s hometown for the third anniversary of her passing, Na Ri sees a young man at her grave. The young man is Go Nan Gil (Kim Young Kwang), a reformed gangster who is now living in the home that belonged to Na Ri’s mother and running her dumpling restaurant. And even more strangely, Nan Gil introduces himself as Hong Na Ri’s father, claiming that her mother supposedly married him before her death. Na Ri refuses to believe Nan Gil and becomes determined to prove he is lying. But when the two start living together and growing closer, will this father-daughter relationship take a very awkward turn?
Adding to the drama are Kwon Duk Bong (Neighborhood Hero and Shark actor Lee Soo Hyuk), a cruel but genius company director and heir who only sees the power of money, Do Yeo Joo (Monster and Shut Up Flower Boy Band actress Jo Bo Ah), a gorgeous flight attendant who uses her looks to manipulate men and climb out of poverty, and Jo Dong Ming (Flower Boy Next Door and Secret Investigation Record alum Kim Ji Hoon), Na Ri’s ex-boyfriend.

Also known as “Sweet Stranger and Me,” Man Living at My House is based on the webcomic “”Woorijibe Saneun Namja” by Yoo Hyun Suk. It is directed by Kim Jung Min (Joseon Gunman, Loving You a Thousand Times) and adapted for the screen by Kim Eun Jung (Flower Boy Next Door). Prior to casting, the role for the male lead was originally offered to actors Yoo Seung Ho (Flames of Desire, Arang and the Magistrate) and Yoon Si Yoon (Mirror of the Witch), before ultimately going to Kim Young Kwang. The first script reading for the series took place on September 12, 2016 at the KBS Annex Broadcasting Station in Yeouido, South Korea. Man Living at My House will debut on October 24, 2016 on KBS2, overtaking the time slot previously occupied by Moonlight Drawn By the Clouds, with subsequent episodes airing every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM. The drama will run for 16 episodes, with an expected finale on December 13, 2016, at which point it will be followed by Hwarang: The Beginning.

The complete cast for Man Living at My House includes Park Soo Ae as Hong Na Ri, Kim Young Kwang as Go Nan Gil, Lee Soo Hyuk as Kwon Duk Bong, Jo Bo Ah as Do Yeo Joo, Kim Ji Hoon as Jo Dong Jin, Kim Mi Sook as Shin Jung Im, Jung Kyung Soon as Kwon Soon Rye, Kim Ha Kyun as Shin Jung Nam, Park Sang Myun as Bae Byung Woo, Ji Yoon Ho as Lee Yong Gyoo, Shin Se Hwi as Kwon Duk Shim, Woo Do Hwan as Kim Wan Shik, Lee Kang Min as Park Joon, Jung Ji Hwan as Kang Han Yi, and a supporting role by Jun Se Hyun.


Category: Drama
Original title
우리집에 사는 남자
Other title
Sweet Stranger and Me
Jo Bo-Ah, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Soo Hyuk, Soo-Ae

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  • OMG Can they even be more perfect! The way they look at each other.. these 2 actors are nailing it everytime!

    So now we know the storm that has been brewing..
    The calm which was brought on by love..
    Has now been overcome by dark clouds..
    The rain will soon pour..
    An ocean will then appear between them..
    To cross it and be together..
    Will they succeed?
    Or will the swim to each other be too great..

    Now we wait..

  • Diana Diaz

    He kinda looks like Seungri xD